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VR Adventure World In Jamaican Music & Food Festival 2019


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EasyVR in 2017 Sydney Property Expo


EasyVR showed that how VR helps realestate industry.

VR Adventure World In Event


188 australia business association invited VR Adventure World to display VR.

VR Adventure World was reported by ACMI


ACMI's media team recently reported VR Adventure World is Australia’s first exclusive chain of virtual reality arcades allowing visitors the chance to experience the latest and most exciting VR technology.
ACMI's media team recently reported VR Adventure World is Australia’s first exclusive chain of virtual reality arcades allowing visitors the chance to experience the latest and most exciting VR technology. VR Adventure World is also proudly to be ACMI's Screen Worlds' exclusive VR game sponsor until December 3rd, 2016 featuring NVIDIA’s VR Funhouse a family-friendly mini-games experience that is sure to test your skills.
More detail about ACMI's press on below link:
If you want to have free amazing VR experience, welcome to the Screen Worlds in ACMI Centre,Federation Square Melbourne, Australia.

ACMI VR FESTIVAL On 3th Nov 2016


VR Festival (3rd Nov 2016) is proudly part of Melbourne International Games Week which is the largest games event in Asia Pacific covering a diverse range of events for games players, makers and enthusiasts.

Date: 03/11/2016
Time: 10:00pm -5:00pm
Location: ACMI, Federation Square Melbourne, Australia
Free Entrance
Ever wanted to fly alongside giant the peaks of Mount Everest or flight the angry Tyrannosaurus rex? How about join the Mercenary and defence our nation? You can do all this and more when we celebrate VR Festival in ACMI today.

This is not Virtual Reality. This is real classroom in South Sudan


This is not Virtual Reality. This is real classroom in South Sudan
VR Adventure World sponsored a charity trivia night on Wednesday 26th of October to raise funds for the Connecting Gharbu Project.
The event in support of a fellow colleague's quest to improve education opportunities for the next generation in his home community in South Sudan.Gharbu Island is painfully isolated from the mainland. There is no way for the people of Gharbu to easily travel across the river which separates them from Juba, South Sudan's capital. The river is wide and is home to many dangers such as snakes, crocodiles, strong currents and the unpredictable weather. This has wide reaching impacts, including making it near impossible for Gharbu's children to regularly attend school.
Funds raised will contribute to the purchase of a locally built, motorised boat, to allow the village of Gharbu to safely get their people to the mainland. Importantly this will help children to get to school and connect the island village to the rest of their region.

Grand Opening on 19th Sep 2016


Grand Opening on 19th Sep 2016 – VR Adventure World In Doncaster Shopping Centre Melbourne

VR Adventure World

VR Adventure World is FutureV’s pioneer entertainment centre in the fashion capital Doncaster shopping centre. VR Adventure World is committed to offering customers a truly amazing VR (Virtual Reality) experience. We firmly believe that virtual reality technology will have a huge impact on our lives both now and into the future. We insist on providing only the best VR entertainment experience at the lowest possible low cost, to provide customers with an immersive experience and gateway to an amazing unknown world.

Media Report


Virtual Reality (VR) is coming to Doncaster The Fashion Capital on September 19th.

Walking amongst dinosaurs, escaping from zombies or exploring the depths of the ocean, once a dream for many, is now a reality known as Virtual Reality. Have you ever wanted to immerse yourself into an interactive video game or movie? Then the VR experience could be for you.
After achieving great success overseas, VR is now available in Australia for all of us to enjoy. The company providing this service, VR Adventure World promises Australians a mind-blowing experiencing and feast for the senses.
Doncaster will be the first shopping centre in Australia to provide this entertainment experience for its customers.
VR is the latest form of interactive technology that puts you into an amazing, interactive world that is guaranteed to capture the imagination. You will be safely strapped into a special chair (that moves and vibrates according to the experience chosen) and provided with VR Oculus glasses. Surround sound is included for the full immersive experience.
If you are ready to have all your senses dazzled and experience a world of imagination and excitement, then visit Doncaster The Fashion Capital for the grand opening of VR Adventure World’s kiosk on September 8th. Location is on the Shop 1-1045 (near nike shop and food court) Tickets are $15 each and $10 for Doncaster VIP for an immersive experience. “Buy two and get one free” tickets are also exclusively available for VR Adventure World members at the kiosk on the day.